BlameRoll is a raiding guild on Silver Hand focusing primarily on progression in Mythic Raids. 

Please register for the site to be able to access the forum to sign up for raids. If you are a guild member already, the guild "launch code" can be found in the guild info tab in game. If you're just here to hang out, that works too.

Please contact Astarinel#1643 or Ythik#1609 on battlenet if you are interested.

Loot System? Loot council, depending on what we need for various encounters and the RNG for various fights. If something's an equal upgrade for 2 people we'll usually just make them roll off.

Where do I sign up?
This website once you are approved.

Do you guys PvP?
Some of our raiders actively pvp but we don't have enough interested people to do regular, organized pvp. That could change of course if there was enough interest.

Alt runs?
Planned, but as it's new expansion, progression is our top priority currently.

Old content?
If you want to do old content, have fun, many folks enjoy finishing things up. We will focus on current content though mostly.

Permanent Raid spot?
If you transfer you're not guaranteed a raid spot, you earn it. If you can't prove your worth, we don't want you.

Other games?
Gamers will be gamers and we tend to play lots of things. Blame Roll is a WoW guild though, not a general gaming community.

If you think you've got what it takes please app. We're looking for progression minded folks to push through some more Heroic/Hard Mode Kills.

Whether we're open or not for your class/role and you think we should consider you apply! We're always looking for great players.