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re: Sick ass crossbows my boss makes


So my boss is an epic awesome wood carver and he likes to make weapons.  Crossbows are his main focus but he also does work on rifles and weed pipes and other wood things that can be made to look fucking awesome.

Here's the deal - seems that Kickstarter doesn't believe this is art. I have permissions from the people who commissioned these to make 1000 non-firing replicas each; I will be using a small artist-run molding company (Excel-Cast) to make bonded marble replicas and they do top notch work. Here's the catch: I need 11 people to place prepaid orders to get going. The replicas will be priced at 725$ each. When I get at least 11 preorders (payments through PayPal), it will take about two months to get them back and sent out. If your not familiar with my carvings, my wife creates the designs and then it takes six to eight months for me to hand-carve and finish them from Oregon Black Walnut. For different pictures, to place an order, or to ask any questions, contact me at if you'd like 

Skippy 5 photo skippy5.jpg

Skippy 4 photo skippy4.jpg

Skippy 3 photo skippy3.jpg

Skippy 2 photo skippy2.jpg

Skippy 1 photo skippy1.jpg

Death 4 photo Death4.jpg

Death 3 photo Death3.jpg

Death 2 photo Death2.jpg

Death 1 photo Death1.jpg


There they are, if you guys are interested in them contact him at the email provided.  The one on the bottom labeled Death is one that I had him do for me personally, showed him pictures of Death from the Darksiders games and thats what him and his wife came up with.  So yeah if you are interested feel free to talk to him or me.

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